I made this ‘Her’ trailer replaced with audio from Bill Burr’s episode of Jordan, Jesse, GO!

Owen Pallett - The Riverbed (Official Video) (by Domino Recording Co.)

my excitement waxes

I’m Like a Bird | Legs for Days UCB

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Owen Pallett - In Conflict (Trailer) (by Domino Recording Co.)

I am excited for this

Joseph - Dusty Songs (by Utmost Creative)

current music obsession

(hat tip: Grapes of Rad)

Aaron Sorkin’s “Buzzfeed” (by flatearthphilly)

I thing I helped make!

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R. Kelly improvises beautiful songs based on slightly insulting nonsense phrases given to him by a Rolling Stone reporter who probably thought he was being cute but then presumably realized “oh shit, R. Kelly makes piles of hits because of his astonishing talent.”


I’m a little bit obsessed with this song right now. CHVRCHES - Recover (by CHVRCHES)