I made this ‘Her’ trailer replaced with audio from Bill Burr’s episode of Jordan, Jesse, GO!

Phil Elverum on Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Quite a pleasant surprise!

ArtistJordan, Jesse, Go!
TitleEp. 273 with Phil Elverum

Jordan, Jesse, Go!- Andy Daly

Dave Hill at Fashion Week (by Put This On)

My Top 4 Culture Podcasts: #2

The Sound of Young America
In 2006, I discovered there was a comedy nerd community.  Maximum Fun has remained the epicenter of this community for me.  

My Top 4 Comedy Podcasts: #4

Jordan, Jesse, GO!
It taps into the exact social categories I most want to belong to: the intelligent comedy nerd.  Make enough high-brow references to New Yorker contributors during a discussion about dick jokes.  Deride facile dick jokes.  Make better dick jokes.

Also, Jordan’s hilarious.