I’ve been monitoring what’s made me laugh lately, and this made me laugh harder and more often than anything so far.

"I’m a microphonaire!"


Thanks to everyone who watched my special and said nice things! Here is the encore I did with Eban Schletter the night the special was recorded. 

Let’s take the rest of the weekend off! Then on Monday I’ll get back to asking you to buy the full version of the show. Night night.


If you haven’t seen the special sneak peak of the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show on IFC, here it is! It stars Hot Saucerman, of course, and Reggie Watts with guest appearances by Adam Scott and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (Paul F. Thompkins with his cape!). I may be biased but I thought it looked amazing. Scott and crew did an awesome job. Heads up for Dr. Reginald Watts. Awesome!



Paul F. Tompkins on Conan

Paul F. Tompkins “Brief Blaze of Glory”

Paul F Tompkins as CAKE BOSS

My Top 4 Comedy Podcasts

Honorable Mentions
The Pod F. Tompkast: The recordings from his Largo show make me laugh harder than anything.
You Look Nice Today: Comedy this good makes me want to give up.
Stop Podcasting Yourself: I didn’t realize low-key conversation could be this funny.
Who Charted?: Good format, good guests, good hosts.
Superego: Hats off to the editor.
Grapes of Rad: Start with a funny conversation, then produce the hell out of it.
WTF with Marc Maron: Obligatory, but still amazing.
Walking with Michelle: Make more!
Hey We’re Back with Jonathan Katz: For those who think subtle is too severe.
Mike Detective: A showcase of Aukerman’s wacka-wacka.
The Todd Glass Show: I’ve missed him so since his departure from CaEE.

I can’t resist one more PFT.

Whenever I drive by this:

@PFTompkins Elegant Balloons has been challenged to a duel: on Twitpic

I’m reminded of this: