Owen Pallett - The Riverbed (Official Video) (by Domino Recording Co.)

my excitement waxes

I’m Like a Bird | Legs for Days UCB

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Owen Pallett - In Conflict (Trailer) (by Domino Recording Co.)

I am excited for this


R. Kelly improvises beautiful songs based on slightly insulting nonsense phrases given to him by a Rolling Stone reporter who probably thought he was being cute but then presumably realized “oh shit, R. Kelly makes piles of hits because of his astonishing talent.”


I’m a little bit obsessed with this song right now. CHVRCHES - Recover (by CHVRCHES)

Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Live on SNL)

current obsession #2: how the curly-haired dancer dances

CHURCHES : “The Mother We Share”

current obsession


This is a teamup of my favorite guys: Elephant Larry and John Hodgman. It’s the first episode of The Lineup, EL’s new web series about some guys who are friends from work. They work as decoys in a police lineup. It is very very funny.




Kate’s Craft Corner - “Salt Shakers”

The newest Kate’s Craft Corner is out, be ready to learn hard core crafts

“And never look back.” So many good videos today! 

well this is just charming as heck